How to not look like a tourist in Amsterdam

Hallo from Amsterdam! It’s a chilly evening and unexpectedly windy with surprising aura like Boston. Pedestrians on the sidewalk and a group of cyclists hustling through the dropping temperature. It almost feels like home instead of a vacation. To my delight, a spring scarf was the wisest thing I packed on that trip. Since I obviously hate to look like a tourist, I wanted to stay away from the puffer jackets and beanies.Letting myself believe that a scarf cinched with a gathered top will serve as a double duty outfit, I sprang from hotel to those nostalgic canals. Honestly, I was not even done reminiscing about “fault in our stars” Hazel and Gus and their tender bond of love and my husband started taking some shots. “I caught you” he said and there goes Shot no 1. I love a colorful striped scarf because it is a savior to your neutrals and that’s all the accessory you need. But, all you puffer jacket lovers with fancy quilts, Go for it if that’s your style.

If you have lived in Boston, you very well know how skimpy they are on road-space, not that we can ever compare ourselves with NewYorkers. Amsterdam, was nothing like that. The roads were beautiful leading to some art gallery or a romantic canal or god knows, a coffee-house. Café in Amsterdam has everything except coffee #wink! It’s a different culture filled with artists and youth. Women draped with basics and a trench coat is basically their capsule wardrobe.I did not exactly want to blend in, so opted for a colorful knit that can spice up my basics.

Torn Jeans, smock top with gathered sleeve and a Vans sneaker was my go-to so that I could walk miles without bothering about what I wore! Smock top with gathered sleeve is my new favorite basic top. It’s so simple, but has little details that makes you stand out. 

If you are expecting that I took a ride in the canals, I would have to disappoint you.  I don’t do cliché, unless its irresistible or one of a kind cliché, LOL! But, I did explore a lot of the town. It was a lot of walk guys, but I had to see those beautiful café (the cafe-cafe), the grand museums and for a while I grew fond of canals. 

However, I have a confession to make! I did not like the Vans sneaker as much as I thought I would. See, the thing is I am born lazy and when my laces just keep flying everywhere despite tying them down repeatedly, it irks me. In my opinion, I would just wear them without laces or get a slip on sneakers. There is no comfort like the slip-ons!

I have heard a lot of raving about the Adidas EQT series, but personally, I find them a lot bulky. Recently, I tracked down a few black sneakers that were not only light enough to make your feet feel good, but also looked ladylike in its own sneaky-way. You can find them on my homepage and if you have any suggestions, I would love to get your feedback. 

Tip: If you decide to go to Amsterdam, try booking a hotel nearby the trams. That way, you wont have to walk a lot to the station. It’s especially useful when you have quite a baggage. 

Zara top, Zara scarf, Zara jeggings, ASOS Vans Sneakers.

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