Striped sweatshirt + Gold heels

If I could have a fashion wish, I would wear stripes everyday for the rest of my life. It might sound weird to most people or actually better since you can rot in the same old pattern everyday. Actually, its a perfect winter wish! 

Jokes apart, I love stripes and the part where I can wear it everyday is true! You name it: Stripes tee with jeans? Stripe blazer with stripe tee? Stripe dress with stripe heels in stripe socks? Stripe PJ?I even have the stripe lingerie set. I love the simplicity of it. One of the easiest pattern to wear and just like neutral colors , you can throw it on with anything.I tell you guys, Stripes is never getting old! Its like  a Vampire, eternal and powerful minus the bloody fangs! This is what happens when you watch too much Netflix!  

Coming back to Stripes, Pixie Market has an array of sleeve styles that are real and phenomenal. The balloon and the bell sleeve have occupied this years’ some of the popular instagram feeds and our hearts! A little more flair, a little less boring and the winter shall be our wonderland!Shall we?

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Pixie Market Striped sweater

H&M Suit pants

H&M gold heels. 

Asos fishnet socks

Zara bag.similar here

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