Ruffle bodysuit in Palais Royal

I love Palais Royal for its park and shops. But, before I reached there, on my way I discovered some new spots to shoot that had Palais Royal and Louvrè in background. It was right next to Tuileries garden and had a really serene view. I threw on a bodysuit as it was sunny on that day, but not too warm. I packed a lot of pleated skirts for the trip. Although, I love pleated skirts, my most outfits shot is States are in denim. Hence, I wanted some sort of variety in Paris. We shot some pictures and then headed to Louvrè for the sunset. The sunset at the museum is to die for. The view of Eiffel tower, Arc de Triumph and Ferris Wheel is so beautiful. 

I had to carry the long jacket with me at all times as it got breezy sometimes. If you want a transitional outerwear other than bomber or denim jacket, long jackets like such are your best choice. Since, its masculine, it will hide any deficiencies if any and make your look more structured. I wanted a fun bag, something playful to balance my attire, and henceforth got the cartoon bag.It is a little unconventional, but I love the circle shape and its cute eyes. I was just one step away from naming it. LOL!

Palais Royal

Long jacket + floral top +pleated skirt

The block heels were pretty comfortable and I highly recommend them for any trip, as its heel won’t give you blisters and will stand out in your pictures. I would not suggest a wedge or even pointed toes. An alternate solution would be mules, if you are not a sneakers person. 

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Zara bodysuit, H&M skirt, Zara shoes,similar and bag,similar, H&M jacket

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