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How we really define Success and how we shouldn’t?

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The cliché of life:

Success is such an overrated concept that we live in. Sometimes. the lines get so blurred that we don’t even know why we started, what we started. And then we always have the misleader, that help us to confuse things more than we have for ourselves. Take for example. Instagram is now a global platform, thanks to all the bloggers and celebrities who made it so. It was so much fun exploring the visual aesthetics of the app, much like any new toy. Then came along the algorithm changes that apparently claimed to make things “suitable for us”. To be honest, till this date I keep seeing dog videos and scientific experiments on my home page. Then came, more changes and hence forth, the great Depression. The time when Instagram, yet changed its algorithm and my numbers went down like it never did before. My proclivity towards fluctuating numbers became an obsession. Every morning, it became a crossword puzzle for me to find out what is happening to my follower number. And , it kept getting worse. How worse? I started bleeding a hundred, and then the number grew to five hundred. It was the nail in the coffin. Despite having a great content and following proper guidelines, I was in serious dilemma as to how can I change this situation. The answer? I couldn’t. It was the most horrible time of my life. I cannot remember, if I felt this lonely ever? Days went by, and so the month.

Victory is a combination of Persistence, Resilience and Belief. The only thing you need to trust is Time will fix it, because it does


The story that changed my life:

By that time, it was Superbowl and nothing could take my mind off than watching a game of Patriots (I moved from Boston last year). The entire game, I was cheering for Patriots but when Eagles won, I was in tears. Not because , they played really well and beat the champions. It was because, they gave me a hope to believe in me again and try till I succeed. I have never seen such an inspiring game before. It was filled with hopes and victories of all those who kept trying for years till they finally had it. I then, knew that I don’t need to focus on the numbers, but only and only on a great quality content because that was the reason I fell in love with fashion. I don’t know, how many of you are there in a similar situation. But, know that Persistence and Resilience are your best tools, apart from Self love and Belief. On that day, I also celebrated my failure of declining numbers as a reminder that my life is only and only going to be happier because I am in control of it. Because let’s face it, an unfulfilled life is a true failure. 

The Fearless knows no boundaries because they’re not scared of failure, they only know that their failure is to never try again. Just like Phoenix. that rises from its ashes, be courageous and accept your failures as gracefully as your success

I see so many people putting their work on instagram and then comes the part where the reality hits. Like for a like and comment for a comment; nothing sickens me more than to see that kissing ass has taken over than appreciating quality content. But, like I mentioned, I am leaving those days of negativity and focusing on creating my best so at least I know I did my part and will continue to do so. 


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