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Must have Rainbow stripe dress from Reformation

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When it comes to stripes, I keep finding different kinds. From the basic Breton stripe to multi stripes, I have all kinds hoarded up in my tiny closet. So, once in a while, during my closet clean-up, I mix and match certain pieces in a way that  feels fresh to me. For instance, this rainbow stripe dress from Reformation is my recent splurge. I mixed it up with the polka blouse, that I bought from H&M weeks ago.I just love the pops of color that outfit as a whole has.

 I’ve never bought from Reformation before, and I am pretty impressed with their dress collection. They also have a sustainable way of manufacturing clothes and they send reports (in email) with the exact amount of water (and carbon dioxide) used for the process. The carbon dioxide emitted is useful for the plants, hence a sustainable way. I say, we need more brands like Reformation. But, that is not the only reason I bought the dress. If I had only five minutes to dress up, I’d choose something like this. Why? you may ask. All I need is a simple top and a statement dress and Voila! What brands do you love that are sustainable and how would you wear ’em?


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