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Must have:Vinyl pants

By Posted on 16 1 m read 162 views

Vinyl is not something that is easily adapted.Ironically, once you get used to it, it is not something you will get rid of. It grows on you That’s how I felt when I first bought my pair of skinny vinyl pants. I wanted the look to be minimal and french-chic. So, I paired the whole look in black and white finishing off with a red beret. Let me tell you honestly, I have never worn beret in my life, and I am a fan of beret. It’s a very classy piece of accessory. Anyhow, I have rounded up some vinyl pants that won’t break your bank and completely give you a makeover. Also, keeping upcoming holidays in mind, I would suggest you to wear some red, blue or copper tones. They would vamp your outfit like never before!


How to wear a beret


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