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Metallics for daytime

By Posted on 4 2 m read 207 views

Sequins have been long associated with parties and occasions. It’s still rare to see anyone wearing a metallic pleated skirt or a shiny rose gold blouse during the daytime. Those occurrences gives me a stir to try the challenge and test the waters. Few months ago, I bought this really simple slip dress and wore it once in the whole summer. The beauty of this dress is that it could be put together with any statement piece to dress it down. When I saw the metallic blouse, I knew I wanted it. But, to make it a daywear was a bit of challenge for me. (Products are linked at the end of the post)


      Metallics can be worn as a daywear by dressing down with anything simple like cotton or silk

how to wear metallics

I knew that I did not want it with denim or a skirt because it would either be too casual or too dressy. The cotton makes a perfect way to dress anything down because of its simplicity. Now, it was not too cold which is why it let me experiment with a cotton slip dress. But, just to be sure I had my lace socks and tough boots. Combat boots are my favorite when it comes to slip dress because it sort of gives an edge to the outfit. Not that, I have anything against the romantics, but I prefer more edgy than dainty.

Accessorize with lace socks with pointed toe boots for tough feminine vibes”  


Classy and minimal outfits

To add a vintage touch, I paired the medallion necklace from baublebar. I cannot tell you how much I am NOT a fan of jewelry. I am very very selective of it, which is why when I found this, I was filled with joy. It was perfect to add a classy touch. 

“Vintage accessory can add a lot of drama to your simple outfit, while keeping the look minimal

fringe bag outfit

vintage outfit

Metallic top

medallion necklace outfit


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  • Shubana
    November 30, 2017

    Your style is so inspiring! Your blog is definitely going on my to follow list 🙂

    • Dhwani Parikh
      November 30, 2017

      Thankyou so much Shubana:) I truly appreciate it!


  • patricia
    December 1, 2017

    This blouse is GORGEOUS!!
    Love this Metallics pattern, you are really looks so stylish and shinny on this blouse. thanks for sharing a great post love your style how to get this beautiful ideas and you had a huge amount of fashion stuff…

    • Dhwani Parikh
      December 1, 2017

      Thankyou Patricia:)I appreciate your feedback!


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