Monse’s Masculine-deconstructed silhouettes

Tartans and plaids have long been established as masculine silhouettes, yet with each season, we find some twist to it. Deconstructed and statement shirting are this years’ star pieces, but I didn’t just make that up! You can check Zara for Monse “inspirations”.¬†Monse, whose last collection was infused with polka and stripe, this year has garden variety of pocket square patches giving a very vibrant look for summer. My favorite is the glen plaid blazer cinched with a stripe belt, although it is actually a single piece. From what i see, it looks like the hybrid pieces are here to stay for more than a year. We were already introduced to the athleisure aka track pants with a sideband in the previous year. But, Monse gives a fresh perspective by styling an offshoulder colorblock sweater with the trackpants. Additionally. I love the stripe and gingham plaid stylings and, patchwork florals could be just more than cocktail alternatives!!!¬†

What are your thoughts on this collection?





P.C: Vogue




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