Styling Gingham 101

Gingham has been everywhere since the beginning of 2017. So much, that you end up buying every possible type of it. With summer reigning on us, I wanted to go ahead and share some ways to wear it. Whether it is a statement gingham top or a gingham dress or even a gingham shoe, its daunting because of its mensy print.  

Style Gingham with prints: When styling gingham, you don’t have to follow any rules except that keep the overall tine neutral and classy. For instance, gingham heels with floral bag and a zebra print does not look overwhelming because of a pink bag that neutralizes the tone.

Gingham styles


Style it in pink

If a black gingham is too much for you, try styling it in pink. That way, it will be less intimidating and I know hardly anyone who cannot pull of pink!! Throw in some block heels for an ultimate comfort outfit.


Gingham dress outfit


Pink gingham dress

Style with a statement top

When I was in Dumbo, NY, I was in a mood for a statement outfit. Embroidered jeans was on my Summer 17 list and thought of putting it together with gingham top from forever21. Because of its statement sleeve, you can easily wear it on a denim or a skirt.A mini bag is a must have when in NYC.


Gingham sleeves






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