H&M’s Coded Couture

Hi people! Its been a long time since I found something exciting to share. I know, its been a while I have blogged about my style or fashion finds. I am happy to share¬†that I am moving to the Sunshine state in three months and have been busy making this huge transformation. I have lived in North-east for a lot of years, but have reached a point where me or my husband can no longer take the cold. I’m so excited to move to Miami and start a fresh life and wanted to give you guys a heads up that I will be re-launching the blog in three months!¬†

Regarding the exciting part, apart from my move, I found something that made my day and instantly thought of sharing with you. H&M is teaming with Google for better understanding of you in terms of what you wear by monitoring your daily activity. Its more of a personalized experience and is dubbed as a “data dress“. I have always been psyched about technology and having it aligned with fashion, could not be more thrilling. Just imagine, you can choose your material, sleeve cuff, type of occasion (word/party) and the coolest part is it gives you the dress that is meant for you by probing your lifestyle. This is so dam futuristic, i’m already tearing up.#LOL!.H&M’s blouses are something that I would definitely recommend buying and to prove that, I am sharing some looks with you!








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