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How to find your signature style

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Finding your signature style is like finding needle in a haystack. It may seem simple and obvious, but to actually define it is a challenging work in itself. You were into grays yesterday and today you cannot bear it. Mood outfits are something you cannot control, but there are surefire ways to define your style.


Put together some pins on your pinterest with things that inspire you. There will be a pattern. For instance, I created a board called Sassy quotes because I love inspiration and empowering women. At the same time, for my personal style, I love eclectic finds and vintage influences. But, I would not have found that out without these boards

Look around you:

Our style is usually defined by things we get attracted to. My home has these old quirky paintings of café that resonate with what I actually love, which is old cafes, and retro influences. You are naturally drawn to glamor, if you have more of bold accessories. Try to get insights of your home because that does matter as well.

Add to cart:

This is my favorite option. Everyone shops online and as much as it is pain to try on and return because of fitting issues, it is a great exercise to find out what are you drawn towards.

Get a stylist:

There are experts that can always help you tailor specific needs. So, if you are clueless about your style. an expert is your go-to. 


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