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How to find your personal style?

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Personal style is not something that comes naturally to anyone. More importantly, it needs patience, and lots and lots of improvisation. Case in point, when I was in high school, I used to be more into sports. I loved basketball a lot. As a result of which, I had athletic calves and was a tomboy. I hated to even comb my hair, let alone put any makeup. Does it sound familiar to any of you?  Now, things are different; way different. But, I went through a ton of changes and experiences due to which my heart settled forever on floral dresses and stripe blouses. I don’t want you to go through the same so I am going to go through some points with you.

  • Look in your closet: This is first and foremost, the basic thing! What does your closet speak about you? Does it have more colors? more Noir et blanc? may be there are boho dresses or tea dresses. Look for colors, and patterns. When I went through my closet last week, I realized that 50% of my closet is filled with satin and floral bodysuits! The rest is blazers, animal prints and silk/jacquard pieces. I did not have even one cocktail dress. That’s how I knew that I am not really a happy hour person. Not that I need a dress to start my own. Lol!
  • Seasonal stash: Whenever we stash away clothes during changing seasons, we hope that atleast 20% of those are used and the rest is all garbage because then we are attracted to new stuff. Look at those 20%; do they reflect anything from your present?
  • Pinterest: You wont believe. how insightful this app can be. Unintentionally or intentionally, we save a ton of stuff. Go to your pins, may be it will reveal a color palette you always stick to. That is an important sign!
  • Social media: The rest of social media is not different, except it can give you exactly what you are looking for. For instance, instagram has such amazing accounts and your activity can reflect the consistency of the outfits you have always loved.


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