Embroidered prints and fringes

I’m not huge fan of western trend. I love my pleated skirts, and floral bodysuits, but an occasional splurge in fedora and fringe wouldn’t hurt either! I admire the suedes, studded belts and boots, fringe bags, embroidered jackets and a cliche fedora! Contrastingly, I haven’t seen many people try out the trend, probably because it is a little too expressive. I agree partly because no-one wants to look like a cow-girl , and being asked if they are waiting for their horse! Lol! That would be embarrassingly hilarious. So, I decided to share a little throwback of my western inspired looks that looks western-ly, yet add a little modern edge to it.

1. Suede may be a yesterday’s piece, but it’s evergreen when it comes to modernism with some western influence. When you pair with leopard bag, it instantly makes the outfit casual yet catchy!

2. Fringe and boho blouses are so western, but looks very feminine when pair with lace up heels. The bell sleeve adds a little more depth to the outfit and still retain its western influence without trying too hard!  

Peasant blouse+ fringe bag +lace up sandals

If you are not a fan of fringe pants, just add a graphic tee to make it less western and more trendy!

Fringe jeans + fringe bag

3. Nothing can beat a cute Embroidered jacket. If you wish to keep the entire look simple or

going for a look for less, spice up with an embroidered jacket. It  is also a 60 second outfit.

So, basically saves your time and money!

Looney toones denim jacket


Embroidered bomber jacket + pinstripe sweatshirt


When you look for patch/embroidered denim, make sure to look for brighter patches. It will not only look great in pictures, but also because you paired them with the right colored mule, which we know is a timeless shoe!

Embroidered denim + yellow mules

4. Fedora is a cliche Western trend, but if balanced proportionally, can transform your otherwise simple outfit. It is actually pretty classy. During winter, it can be paired with a blanket poncho like shown in picture. 


Fedora + whowhatwear Poncho


5. Western inspired boots and belts need no introduction.

Red studded boots+ lip clutch

I love cartoon tees, but never tried with a western belt. Surprisingly, i loved it because it adds just enough charm especially when paired with red boots!  BTW, this was a throwback from summer when i wore the outfit to a concert.

Graphic tee + mom Jeans + red boots





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