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Currently coveting: neon shades

By Posted on 4 1 m read 41 views

If the word “neon” scares the pants out of you, this is the right post for you. The reason I thought of writing about it is because I used to be one of you. Whenever I though of it, I would literally freeze. But, this year has been quite different. With improvising and experimenting with colors, I have overcome my fear of it and have started loving it. It kinda cheers me up. I was still a little dubious about these yellow boots, which is why I had asked you guys, in my poll stories. Thanks to all of you who helped me made a choice and henceforth, I am here to do the same for you.

The fact that velvet is so in right now and it looks so rich in texture, I thought of putting it together with yellow boots. The outfit was pretty casual and everyday style, which lets you play with a lot of colors. Believe me, when I say, you can still pull off the look as classy and minimal, while adding colors. Try out for yourself and share your reactions below. Meanwhile, I am sharing some excellent neon options (shoes+bags) at the end of the post. Cheers!


Top (H&M)

Blazer (H&M)

Bag(Zara), similar

Jeans (H&M)

Boots (Zara) 


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Velvet blazer outfit

Neon shoes



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