Be your own Super-hero

Super girl is my latest Netflix binge and I don’t usually watch TV that much. But, its hard to resist a super-hero genre, especially the one with a powerful female lead. Cara, an alien from Krypton who descends to Earth after her parents die; who is also a cousin of Super-man, now looks out for the city and helps the needy and poor. It has the same intent as the others, but the innocence of a super hero , who is maturing into a powerful leader is an interesting plot to watch. What gives away you may ask? Unlike the others, Kara has a day job as an assistant to a bitch boss from hell, and a company of two friends who know her secret and are there for her! With a daily rut of day job and carrying out the super hero tasks, Kara still comes out as a young and bubbly, preserving the innocence of a child that she had when she landed the Earth.¬†

It’s so easy to sway with negativity, not because one is not strong enough, but you often loose your focus from your goal. Discipline and determination are key elements to success and thats what Super-heroes are about. A strong mind , a kind heart and above all determination to do good come what may! We constantly have similar situations where our actions depend on results. It’s a vicious¬†circle where we depend only on results and then turn into a dopple-ganger version of ourselves where we could do anything to get it. Thats when you need to intervene and stay focused, because at the end of the day, we , ourselves are our own Super-hero. Capiche??

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