Hi there! I am Dhwani Parikh.(pronounced as Dh-uuw-ani) I began blogging in late 2016, but realized it was more than just a blog for me. It is a platform to connect with women who have inspired me to be here in the first place and with those who will be a part of my journey (#forever). My husband (@inavmode) takes my pictures and together we love to capture the quirks of travel and photoshoots. If given a choice, I would choose stripes for every single day of the year. I am a big believer in supporting and empowering women and don’t entertain negativity. My fashion inspiration comes from colors and runway styles, which makes me want to experiment a lot. My style is eclectic, but minimalistic and very french in a way that it’s filled with comfort, but elegance. I hope that we can inspire each other and be the best of our versions each day:) 

Thankyou for visiting my blog:) 

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