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How to mix Shearling and velvet flare pants?

By Posted on 0 1 m read 70 views

Shearling is this winter’s every girls’ favorite. From coats to bags to jackets, I don’t know of anyone who does not own one piece of shearling in their closet. But, if you still are dubious of the hype, this guide is for you.First and foremost, shearling is so cozy. Secondly, there …

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Business casual Friday with houndstooth jacket

By Posted on 4 1 m read 128 views

Skinny jeans has always been a pet peeve for me. But, my latest crush is on the Mango’s houndstooth blazer. I love the idea of skinny jeans and a graphic tee for the not-so-formal or oh-so-casual days. But a little more structure to the outfit does not hurt. For instance, a …

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Bundle up in H&M Puffer jacket

By Posted on 6 2 m read 208 views

Puffer jackets are my least favorite when it comes to winter style. But, I couldn’t deny an oversize bundle of cocoon warmth from this $60 H&M jacket. I absolutely needed one for my Utah trip. On the other hand, I did not want any statement outfit. So, I packed a lot …

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How to style: Corduroy pants and ruffles

By Posted on 4 1 m read 167 views

Corduroy pants are one of those when you need comfort and a dash of retro touch. I still remember the time when my mum used to dress me in corduroy pinafores and overalls. I particularly loved this color because it is a fall palette and kinda gives a vintage look to …

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Metallics for daytime

By Posted on 4 2 m read 207 views

Sequins have been long associated with parties and occasions. It’s still rare to see anyone wearing a metallic pleated skirt or a shiny rose gold blouse during the daytime. Those occurrences gives me a stir to try the challenge and test the waters. Few months ago, I bought this really simple …

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Every possible Velvet outfit to get you in the holiday mood

By Posted on 8 2 m read 343 views

If you haven’t noticed already, Velvet made a comeback this year. The best part about velvet is that it makes the best holiday outfit without trying too hard. Not that anything other than Velvet is anything less. To make more sense, I have put together some looks you can try for …

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Must have colorblock turtleneck sweater

By Posted on 8 2 m read 115 views

Wouldn’t it be a dream to roam around without a coat in winter? Having that said, I just found that perfect sweater that is not only colorful, but can let me retire my coat for a while. Additionally, the color-block sweater makes the outfit pop, so you don’t need any more …

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Mad for Plaid

By Posted on 4 2 m read 96 views

When it comes to plaid coats, I usually go for the red ones. It brings me old memories of Gossip Girl and a sense of nostalgia. For a change, I switched the red for yellow. Honestly, It was hard to find the right one in the right price. I was lucky to stumble upon …

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Obsession du jour: Marigold

By Posted on 8 1 m read 63 views

As we descend from fall to Winter, I find myself particularly craving for the Pumpkin and Marigold. My universe keeps attracting more and more of plaid yellow, mustards and tangerines. Henceforth, when my parents gifted me this dress, it was a dream come true for me. The only thing I was dubious about is …

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The Guide to wearing Faux fur this winter

By Posted on 2 2 m read 115 views

Faux fur coat somehow brings me fond memories of my all time favorite movie, Harry Potter. Remember how Rubeus Hagrid use to wear fur coat in most of the scenes. No, that’s not how I feel when I wear it. Although, it does transport me to that movie for a little while, until I …

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Must have:Vinyl pants

By Posted on 16 1 m read 162 views

Vinyl is not something that is easily adapted.Ironically, once you get used to it, it is not something you will get rid of. It grows on you That’s how I felt when I first bought my pair of skinny vinyl pants. I wanted the look to be minimal and french-chic. So, I paired the …

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